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form |fôrm|

verb [trans.]
1. bring together parts or combine to create (something): the company was formed in 1997.
(form people/things into) organize people or things into (a group or body): helpers and volunteers were formed into a red cross community.
go to make up or constitute: the precepts that form the basis of the book.
[intrans.] gradually appear or develop: a thick mist was forming all around.
conceive (an idea or plan) in one's mind.
enter into or contract (a relationship): the women would form supportive friendships.
articulate (a word, speech sound, or other linguistic unit).
construct (a new word) by derivation or inflection.

make or fashion into a certain shape or form: form the dough into balls.
[intrans.] (form into) be made or fashioned into a certain shape or form: his strong features formed into a smile of pleasure.
(be formed) have a specified shape: her body was slight and flawlessly formed.
shape or develop by training or discipline.
influence or shape (something abstract): the role of the news media in forming public opinion.

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